Here's what parents are saying . . .

From Cindy, mother of a 3 year old girl.

"I just received my order 2 days ago and I can not believe how my life has changed. My 3 year old daughter has been waking me up two or three times a night just to fix her covers. I have not been woken up once during the night since we received the toddler blanket. It is so soft and kozy and keeps her and her blankets in place. I've searched the Internet for sheets or blankets that stay tucked but no one was making a toddler set. There is a company in Europe but it was over $200 for the set.

Thank you for giving me and my daughter a restful night’s sleep again."

From Sheril, mother of a 10 year old with autism, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalulia, ADHD, and processing disorder:

“She LOVES the blanket! It gives her the feeling of security that she craves, and she doesn't get all tangled up into a ball of blanket while she sleeps. She needs that tight, wrapped feeling to be comfortable- it is a vestibular effect- letting her brain know where her body is. Other kids' bodies instinctively learn this at an early age, but our kids never quite get that brain connection, and their bodies are always seeking information about where they are. That is why our kids have a hard time staying out of personal space!

I noticed that Sierra sleeps more soundly with the blanket. She tosses and turns less. When I check on her before I go to bed, she is sound asleep, instead of in a restless sleep. That is wonderful progress.”

From Virginia Ann, mother of a 7 year old with a severe form of epilepsy:

"Here is one of the best seizures-in-mind products I have ever seen, created by a Grandma whose daughter had seizures growing up. She made it for her grandbaby who kept kicking off the blankets and then waking up because they were cold and yet it is great for safety reasons in epilepsy too! It is a sleeve for the bed ...mattress thus keeping the blankets on the children and not on their face. We LOVE ours!

The best thing is that she cannot pull the blankets up any farther. I do not have to worry about Gracie jumbling blankets in her face at night and it keeps her warm. We can also put another blanket on top, if need be, and she cannot move it around with her legs unknowingly. If she slides down under the blanket the zipper is open enough that the blanket will still have a side open allowing for breathing air and because it fits over the whole bed it is unable to bunch up. It is awesome!"

From Michelle, mother of 10 and 12 year olds:

"We put the covers on the beds, my son in particular loved the cover. He has, for the last few years had insomnia, and night terrors, and finds it hard to sleep with even just a sheet covering as well. I was divorced several years ago and my kids went through a lot of emotional days. I believe many of my son's episodes started after my divorce. Children don't always know how to express themselves and keep too much inside until it manifests into other things. I wasn't sure he was going to like having a cover restricting him. He had also started coming into my room, often, in the middle of the night because he didn't want to be alone.

The "Kozy" blanket did wonders...he had it on his bed less than two weeks when I noticed he was waking up less in the night. He told me how much he liked to get down into the blanket because when he squirmed around the blankets didn't fall off his bed. He also stopped having night terrors as often, after about a month. He told me one day (after I mentioned that he had slept thru another night without a bad dream) that "the bad dreams can't get through the zipper around his bed so they don't wake him up". And he said he doesn't feel as alone because the blanket stays all the way around him."

From Aracelis, mother of a 5 year old boy living with autism:

"I want to thank Keep Me Kozy for creating such a wonderful blanket which has helped my son remarkably at home and at school. Due to his Autism, my son suffers from anxiety disorder and he is super hyperactive. By placing him in the Keep Me Kozy blanket, I see that he receives a calm feeling that helps him to relax. He enjoys the feeling of being hugged which this blanket delivers. I believe the Keep Me Kozy blanket is a great sensory integration tool for children living on the spectrum."

From Ralph, father of 8 year old:

"My son is by all accounts a normal, regular kid. We were having a challenge keeping him under the covers during the night. He moves a lot and kept uncovering himself while he slept.

When we started using the Keep Me Kozy blanket we noticed that he began to sleep less restless and sleeping under the covers all night long. We did not have to get up throughout the night to make sure he was covered. We were very happy that the Keep Me Kozy does what it is supposed to do. It keeps the child in place and keeps him warm. We also noticed that our child started waking up much more alert and not so tired."

From Marlana, mother of 2 year old with hypotonia and cerebral palsy:

"We just got my sons twin size bed set up. He has used it for 2 nights and he has stayed covered the whole night. This is an awesome invention. Wonderful I owe you so much he now sleeps decent most of the night."

Not recommended for infants ....... Not a substitute for safety rails.